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    When you buy an e-bike from us, we offer free labor for Manufacturer's Warranty covered repairs. Please check the Manufacturer's website for warranty information.

    Parts and Shipping are not covered under free repairs.

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    New England's largest selection of demo e-bikes, conveniently located in Faneuil Hall Boston and Ipswich, MA.

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Experience the Great Outdoors

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    Water Sports

    Tread water like a pro.


    Entry Level: Easy to use and very buoyant.
    Advanced Level: Carbon fiber, light weight for the aging athlete or competitive racer.

    Paddle boards:

    Entry Level: Useful for beginners and great for one or two people.
    Advanced Level: For more experienced users, we have sleeker and lighter weight boards. Models go up to carbon fiber (12lbs), which is better for the aging athlete who still want to get out on the water but can't easily lift them on and off a roof-rack.

  • Onewheel

    Onewheel is a self-balancing single-wheel personal electric vehicle. The Onewheel has a computer that helps keep the board balanced and easy to ride.

    Riders simply stand on it, lean
    forward to speed up, lean back to slow down, and shift their weight from their toes to their heels to steer. It is easy to learn and fun to master. 

    It was designed to mimic the smooth experience of snowboarding. The giant wheel is perfect for all types of terrain, including biking trails and sandy beaches.

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