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Ipswich, MA is a great place to explore and discover nature. Locals enjoy fishing, wildlife,
mountain biking, kayaking, beach life and good food. You can too! Situated on the Atlantic coast, just north of Boston. An easy commute by train (MBTA) or car and filled with great activities for day and weekend adventures.  Go for a ride, attend a yoga class, hit the beach, explore the coastal areas by kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

At our Ipswich location: E-bike sales, Group rides, Yoga, Rental pick-ups and simply exploring. We are located next to Ipswich Ale Brewery and Restaurant.

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Ipswich, MA map of surrounding area

Ipswich, MA and surrounding areas

E-bike to access: kayaking, fishing, boating, stand-up-paddle, hiking, bird watching, wildlife, sand, sun, dune walks, family fun, restaurants, and more! All within reach from our Ipswich store.


Ipswich Bay

Plumb Island Sound

Cranes beach

Pavilion Beach

Ipswich River

Willowdale State Park

Bradley Palmer State Park