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Ebike SUV - Magicycle Deer Softail Full Suspension Ebike

Ebike SUV - Magicycle Deer Softail Full Suspension Ebike

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Ebike SUV Built for Adventures

Inspired by SUV, DEER is the integration of 3 ebike modes - step-thru commuter ebike, trekking ebikes, and most importantly, full-suspension electric mountain bike, providing features of convenience, firmness, large carrying capacity, and full-suspension system. In the field of full-suspension ebikes, DEER, the first ebike SUV from Magicycle, is in a leading position in terms of comfort, handling, power, and range.

Full Suspension Ebike System

In addition to the usual front suspension fork, Deer has a rear shock absorber. That makes this new full-suspension Ebike SUV very comfortable to ride anywhere, and capable of handling the difficult technical trails, creating a smoother ride with better traction and handling, avoid fatiguing the rider quickly.

Effective Shock Absorption

The full-suspension system of Magicycle Deer makes it stand out in the field of off-road riding. On tough and bumpy roads, Magicycle Deer will show you really comfortable ebike rides by absorbing shocks effectively. Stable and steady, these are how it feels while riding over any bumps on Magicycle Deer

Dominate Any Mountain Bike Trail

Rugged off-road terrain demands a rugged e-bike, that’s why Magicycle is introducing a new full-suspension Ebike SUV - Deer. The maximum shock absorption from the full suspension system is what makes DEER like a real electric mountain bike for off-road riding

Large-Capacity 52V Ebike Battery

Magicycle has applied the 21700 cell battery technology. This is to produce a longer-lasting battery with better performance and quality. The 52V voltage improves the battery efficiency greatly, leading to less battery loss.The battery is integrated with the downtube and removable. It can be removed without tools other than the key, which could be the most convenient way for battery charging.

An Ebike SUV Ready for Long-Range Rides

The battery on Deer is specifically designed to let you take long-range adventures, tough technical trails, scenic rides, or daily commutes with confidence. These long range rides will always come with comfort and relaxation with the full-suspension system.

Double-Layer Multi-Cavity Design
Instead of applying single layer single cavity design which results in the insufficient strength of the frame, a down tube with a double-layer multi-cavity design was specially developed by the Magicycle design team for DEER.

Triangle Seatpost Structure

In order to ensure safe riding, the seat stay must connect to the seat tube if it's a step-through ebike, and make it a full suspension ebike, a top tube is a must without which the seat post could easily bend or even break. Deer combines the step through design and full suspension system due to the stable triangle design under the seat tube to ensure the stability of the seat post.


Programmable Colored LCD Display

As a multifunctional ebike suv, Magicycle Deer comes with a multifunctional LCD display as well. It allows riders to program display settings according to the environment and riders' requirements, which is the perfect match for Magicycle Deer.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The brake efficiency is essential for a full-suspension Ebike SUV. Magicycle Deer is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which provide superior brake efficiency.

Large Load Capacity

Just like a real suv, Magicycle has a large load capacity of 400 lbs, which is friendly for heavy riders and enables riders to bring lots of necessities. Compared to most other ebike brands, Deer comes with a much larger rear rack, providing much more convenience.

750W Electric Bike Motor

Besides the full-suspension system, another important factor that makes Magicycle Deer amazing for off-road riding is the motor. Magicycle remains the 750W motor. The Maximum power output could reach 1100W. With this motor, Deer is capable of overcoming any bumps.


  • Battery¬†52V 20Ah¬†LG lithium battery
  • Charger¬†Short-circuit proof 3.0A fast smart charger
  • Range¬†60-80 miles
  • Controller¬†52V 750W¬†FOC smart controller, Current Range 7-22Ah (IPX8)
  • Hub Motor¬†¬†750W brushless gear motor(IP55)
  • Recommended Rider Heights¬†¬†5'5" - 6'8"
  • Display¬†Color LCD Display with USB Charging
  • Charging Time¬†4 - 7Hours
  • Total Payload Capacity¬†400lbs
  • Weight¬†92.3lbs/41.9kg
  • Frame size¬†18"
  • Pedal Assist¬†7-level Intelligent pedal assist with 12-magnet cadence sensor


  • Tires¬†Kenda 26"x4.0" Fat Tires
  • Front Fork¬†Alloy Hydraulic lockout suspension fork
  • Brake Lever¬†Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
  • Throttle¬†Half twist throttle
  • Lights¬†Integrated¬†front and brake lights
  • Pedal¬†Wellgo alloy pedal with reflectors
  • Freewheel¬†Shimano-14-28T BROWN/BK
  • Bike Frame¬†18" 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Brake¬†180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Front Light¬†6V LED light
  • Chain¬†KMC chain
  • Saddle¬†Super Soft Cushion
  • Stem¬†MA-400 SSABK
  • Seat Post¬†Diameter 33.9mm length 300mm
  • Crank¬†48T,170mm forged alloy,dual-sided bashguard
  • Kickstand¬†Heavy duty aluminum
  • Gearing¬†Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
  • Spokes¬†13 Gauge on the front / 12 Gauge on the back
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